Friday, October 29, 2004

venti nueve

well I now am 1 year away from 30. i guess it came easy enough...woke up this morning, aching a little from my lp. stitches...i wonder if at 18 i would still be hurting from 3 little holes in my gut? took Alicia to work because the stupid battery in my car died (an early birthday present i guess). I picked up Malin, made sure she read her books and studied for her spelling test (we're working through the double E's...keep, green, sleep, etc.) and she nailed 'em all. As i dropped her off I had the unbearable urge to honk and wave and make a complete fool of myself, just to embarass her of course. Something about the way she was walking along looking so cool just triggered it...I overcame my urge and went to a little mom 'n pop coffee shop called common grounds. got my black eye large coffee -add 2 espresso shots - definitely a sign of getting older, needing that much caffeine to get going. of course the next sign is the ulcer I'll get from subjecting my innerds to this torture but you only go round once right? of course if you watched wife swap this week (alicia made me) then you learned that you can 'go round' at least 700 times. one of the couples was all zenned out and the dad led the family in meditation cuz he was on his 700th life writing poetry, making art and ignoring that nuisance "time" that man invented. the swapped wife was a clean freak and had a coronary because the house was messy and i was like "well...i guess it's kinda messy - like a cross between pete and i's old dorm room and alicia and i's first apartment" and the other house was like a veggie free zone. all meat-all the time. combine those two things and you have a Jason run house. nice. i think they call it "the best of all possible worlds" or something.
anyways, i'm getting old. happy birthday to me.

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Joe said...

Happy birthday Jason!...
Hope everything goes well with the recovery.

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