Tuesday, October 05, 2004

texas football

it's finally october and it couldn't have happened sooner. Speaking of sooners right now it is 10:16 in the AM and OU still sucks. living in Austin, you can't turn on a radio without hearing all the hype and the homers who know that UT is going to stomp OU like the backwood hill-billies they are. While I never miss an opportunity to bash all things Okie, the Longhorns will have to show something they have been lacking for quite awhile, ganas. The extreme desire, want and will power to overcome. Ultimately, Saturday's game will come down to the line of scrimage. Whoever dominates here (UT with their run or OU with the pass protection) wins the game. Look for high scoring since both offenses have the edge over their opponent's defense.

Could this be a better weekend? Friday Night Lights has finally been made into a movie and it sounds like it is going to be great and not only that but it has real football. World, stop and wonder and the beauty that is Texas High School Football.

Sunday should be a good game to watch between Dallas and New York. They won't meet again until Jan 2nd and while NY leads Dallas iin the NFC East standings a win here will give Dallas a jump into second behind the @#*#*@ Eagles. (didn't want to offend anyone by saying Philadelphia. oops.)

The Packers, it should be noted, are raising a stink of their own.

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