Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Go 'Stros

great night for sports last night! i was watching down at the clubhouse last night and had all 3 games on at once. It was a dream come true for an ADHD sports fan!
as i watched the Boston fans praying and pleading with God, I wondered whether or not the Almighty actually hears the prayers of people from Boston. I guess one could argue that #1 since they were playing NY and #2 since they won in spite of several game ending mistakes that God heard them, but I still wonder. another possibility is that God heard the prayers of the people of Texas and Misery, along with all the yankee haters out there
regardless, here is some more scripture bending for today:
Isaiah 31 woe to those who go down to Steinbrenner for help, who rely on their checkbooks, who trust in the multitude of their star power trades and in the great strength of their bats...

many thanks to Josh who sent me the mp3 of Robert Earl singing God Bless America before game 4, i couldn't figure out how to link it here but if you want it let me know


Peter said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON!!! Sorry it's a little belated, i believe it was the 17th. I'll be in Texas in a week!
Hope to see you soon.

Josh said...

Jason, you're missing a key thing with the Red Sox... They won because Johnny Damon looks like Jesus.

j said...

thanks pete,
you're a little early to be belated
-in fact you're flat out early - it's the 29th
don't go making me older than i am
can't wait to have ya in texas
one of my kids' uncle is dressing up as damon/jesus for halloween - number 1 difference between damon and Jesus is that the Messiah doesn't bunt like a girl