Friday, October 29, 2004

venti nueve

well I now am 1 year away from 30. i guess it came easy enough...woke up this morning, aching a little from my lp. stitches...i wonder if at 18 i would still be hurting from 3 little holes in my gut? took Alicia to work because the stupid battery in my car died (an early birthday present i guess). I picked up Malin, made sure she read her books and studied for her spelling test (we're working through the double E's...keep, green, sleep, etc.) and she nailed 'em all. As i dropped her off I had the unbearable urge to honk and wave and make a complete fool of myself, just to embarass her of course. Something about the way she was walking along looking so cool just triggered it...I overcame my urge and went to a little mom 'n pop coffee shop called common grounds. got my black eye large coffee -add 2 espresso shots - definitely a sign of getting older, needing that much caffeine to get going. of course the next sign is the ulcer I'll get from subjecting my innerds to this torture but you only go round once right? of course if you watched wife swap this week (alicia made me) then you learned that you can 'go round' at least 700 times. one of the couples was all zenned out and the dad led the family in meditation cuz he was on his 700th life writing poetry, making art and ignoring that nuisance "time" that man invented. the swapped wife was a clean freak and had a coronary because the house was messy and i was like "well...i guess it's kinda messy - like a cross between pete and i's old dorm room and alicia and i's first apartment" and the other house was like a veggie free zone. all meat-all the time. combine those two things and you have a Jason run house. nice. i think they call it "the best of all possible worlds" or something.
anyways, i'm getting old. happy birthday to me.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

valid testimony

"If I testify about myself, my testimony is not valid. There is another who testifies in my favor, and I know that his testimony about my is valid." John 5:31-32
Jesus is talking about how even though he is the Son of God, that his testimony was validated only through the rest of the Bible and how it pointed to him. that, although some people may have doubts about his claims, or his "testimony", that they could search through Scriptures and for that matter the wisdom of the created world and find that what Jesus was saying was and is true. He is God become Man so that He could live a perfect life and save the world from the sin that is destroying it.
On a day like today, feeling crummy and very much an invalid, I need to know that someone is giving testimony for me. That even though my life doesn't show that the hope of Christ is in me...I hope that Christ is even now giving testimony to the Father that I am indeed one of his children. That when I am too apathetic, too self-consumed, too you name it - when my testimony becomes invalid...He still speaks up for me and claims me.
As Job once said, I know that he lives

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


have been taken out by a pendicitis...
no computer... lots of vicadin...
tried to go to work today... failed.

Friday, October 22, 2004

houses that change the world

i'm reading a great book by Wolfgang Simon about the whole home church movement. it is really great and you should check it out
an interesting look at the church, what it is, what it has become and ways that it can impact the lives of everyday people. the biggest question it poses for me is "how did Chrisitianity become something a couple of 'professionals' do 7 days a week and everybody else does 1-2 hours on Sunday morning. Before you plan an intervention for me, ask yourself "self, how many church members that i know live out their faith in helping others, in personal bible study and devotion and ministering to the needs of un-Christians?" probably very few within the whole scope of church members that you know. If that's the case not only in your church, but across the U.S. and more, what is the current structure of the church doing to change that or is the current structure furthering this problem.
at the National Youth Workers Convention a few fellow youthworkers talked about what's wrong with the church and it was easy to pin-point the LCMS problems but i think it is bigger than that and the same kind-of lukewarm faith is going on all over the place. that's why it is so amazing and inspiring when you meet someone who is living out their faith, because we see so little of it.

interested in seeing your comments and definitely worth checking out Houses That Change The World by Wolfgang Simon he's not the usual worn-out, pessimistic, doom and gloom leave the Bible behind post-emerge-converge look at my ear-rings and soul patch i'm so with the culture i have to be right kind-of guy.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Go 'Stros

great night for sports last night! i was watching down at the clubhouse last night and had all 3 games on at once. It was a dream come true for an ADHD sports fan!
as i watched the Boston fans praying and pleading with God, I wondered whether or not the Almighty actually hears the prayers of people from Boston. I guess one could argue that #1 since they were playing NY and #2 since they won in spite of several game ending mistakes that God heard them, but I still wonder. another possibility is that God heard the prayers of the people of Texas and Misery, along with all the yankee haters out there
regardless, here is some more scripture bending for today:
Isaiah 31 woe to those who go down to Steinbrenner for help, who rely on their checkbooks, who trust in the multitude of their star power trades and in the great strength of their bats...

many thanks to Josh who sent me the mp3 of Robert Earl singing God Bless America before game 4, i couldn't figure out how to link it here but if you want it let me know

Friday, October 15, 2004

spanish monkey back in texas

just got great news! Peter Burow will be headed back to Texas! Pete just got a job as the youth minister of Hope Lutheran in Lubbock, TX and I know that God is going to bless them tremendously through that. Keep Pete in your prayers as he follows God in this journey!

i want to share this passage with you from Isaiah - i continue to just be inspired by Isaiah's writings and how he shares such a unique look at God.

A Song of Praise to the LORD (26)

In that day, everyone in the land of Judah will sing this song:

Our city is now strong!
We are surrounded by the walls of God's salvation.

Open the gates to all who are righteous;
allow the faithful to enter.

You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you,
whose thoughts are fixed on you!

Trust in the LORD always,
for the LORD GOD is the eternal Rock.

He humbles the proud
and brings the arrogant city to the dust.
Its walls come crashing down!

The poor and oppressed trample it underfoot.

But for those who are righteous,
the path is not steep and rough.
You are a God of justice,
and you smooth out the road ahead of them.

LORD, we love to obey your laws;
our heart's desire is to glorify your name.

All night long I search for you;
earnestly I seek for God.

I was at a funeral yesterday. Matt Willis is 1 of 3 teenagers that had been killed in a drag race around 4 in the morning. 2 teens survived the accident but have to come to grips with the fact that their best friends are dead. I stood by helplessly, watching the friends and family mourn and wail over their loss. There is nothing so acute as the pain a teenager faces when they lose someone to death. I felt disgust as the news vans showed up, video taping people on their way into the overflowing sanctuary, zooming in on the teenagers' puffy red faces. I thought i would explode when they were so bold as to come and interview people as they stood in line to pay their last respects.
I begged God to comfort these kids and the poor families whose world is in chaos now.
Lord God, smooth out the road ahead of these families and friends who have lost so much. Fix our thoughts on you and somehow lead us to trust in you, even now, especially now.
We are pilgrims and strangers in this land and let us rejoice that Matt is home now.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

way off

okay so i was way off on the UT OU scenario. 12-zip. what a disappointment. i was in Dallas during the game and walking around the West End, let me tell you how outnumbered UT fans were to the Sooners. I'm shocked at how they (OU) get up for the game at all. 5 in a row and they are as excited as a hillbilly at a family reunion. What will it take to get the Longhorns serious?

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Anyone can comment

i didn't realize i had the comment setting on blog users - new to this whole thing
now you don't have to register with the site to comment. you should be able to just click on the comment bubble, write and publish. let me know via email if you have any problems.

Heart Patient Outruns Ambulance Chaser

Gotta read Ann Coulter's Latest.
Besides being very hot, she is hilarious.

p.s. Alicia and I are going to be at the National Youth Worker's Convention in Dallas till Monday and yes i have permission to say that Ann is hot.


The treacherous betray! With treachery the treacherous betray!
Terror and pit and snare await you,
O people of the earth.
Whoever flees at the sound of terror will fall into a pit;
whoever climbs out of the pit will be caught in a snare.
Isaiah 24:16a-18

maybe it was the espresso shot kicking in, but these words really struck me this morning. Listen to the wisdom: when you know someone to be treacherous, don't be surprised when they betray you. It is foolish to assume that people who are do evil are idiots. You cannot run away or give in when they resort to fear or intimidation, because you will not be safer. In fact, you will run right into the trap that they have set for you. The terrorist's goal is to have you run, not to stand up and fight.

At Jackson Middle School in San Antonio, Texas, there lived a bully named Kio. During my 6th grade year, he threatened a friend and I that if we didn't give him 50 cents a day, he would beat us up. being pretty scrawny and afraid, we both gave in coughed up the 50 cents for one whole school year. there were times when i would even resort to stealing, to pay off my ransom. We ran at the sound of Kio's 8th grade terror and we fell into a pit of weakness and humiliation and were snared into paying this skater thug every day. What would a couple of beatings done? First off, Kio would have been found out and I doubt that my friend and I would have even been expelled for fighting when the truth was discovered. Secondly, we would have discovered a strength within ourselves to stand up to intimidation and learned that physical pain doesn't last forever. (we might have even won)

Today we live in a world filled with terror. We cannot run away from terror or it's consequences. Whether it is international terrorism, the fear of the unknown or even the terror that comes when living as a missionary in this world and a disciple of Jesus; running away is not an option. Logically, giving in to terror doesn't make sense. Spiritually, acting out of fear denies God's power and love.

Be wise. A snake is a snake. God is God. Be who God made you to be.

p.s. it is a strange religion, Christianity, that calls us to love the same enemies that it warns us about.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Mick speaks out...finally

Check out Bill O'Reily's column in NY Daily News. It's a great one about how Europe is in the tank and why they love to hate us.

p.s. instead of emailing your comments by clicking on the link below. that's how this is supposed to go. I say "blah, blah, blah" you call me an idiot...then i come to your house and beat... well right up until that last part.

texas football

it's finally october and it couldn't have happened sooner. Speaking of sooners right now it is 10:16 in the AM and OU still sucks. living in Austin, you can't turn on a radio without hearing all the hype and the homers who know that UT is going to stomp OU like the backwood hill-billies they are. While I never miss an opportunity to bash all things Okie, the Longhorns will have to show something they have been lacking for quite awhile, ganas. The extreme desire, want and will power to overcome. Ultimately, Saturday's game will come down to the line of scrimage. Whoever dominates here (UT with their run or OU with the pass protection) wins the game. Look for high scoring since both offenses have the edge over their opponent's defense.

Could this be a better weekend? Friday Night Lights has finally been made into a movie and it sounds like it is going to be great and not only that but it has real football. World, stop and wonder and the beauty that is Texas High School Football.

Sunday should be a good game to watch between Dallas and New York. They won't meet again until Jan 2nd and while NY leads Dallas iin the NFC East standings a win here will give Dallas a jump into second behind the @#*#*@ Eagles. (didn't want to offend anyone by saying Philadelphia. oops.)

The Packers, it should be noted, are raising a stink of their own.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

texas chilli

texas cooking
chilli recipe
2 lbs course ground chilli/beef
1 lb course ground venison (or beef)
1.5 lbs skirt steak grilled and cubed
1.5 lbs bbq chicken thighs cubed
1 pkg bacon
2 onions (your choice)
24 oz beer (darker beer gives a sweet flavor)
4 cups water
4 jalapenos seeded and diced
1 serano pepper diced and seeded
10 tbsp Sweet Hungarian Paprika (or regular)
5 tbsp Chilli Powder
2 tbsp White Pepper
3 tbsp Salt
6 oz can tomato paste
2-3 tbsp honey
1 tbsp flour
1 tbsp masa

Fry bacon extra crispy and crumble, preserve grease.(quality control taste test of bacon) In a large pot. Sweat diced Onions in grease. Add spices. Add Beef and Venison. Using a wooden spoon, stir until mixture reaches a light greyish color. Add beer and water. Cook covered for 1 hour, stirring occassionally.
(taste test bacon again) Add peppers, bacon and tomato paste and stir. After another hour, Add Fajita and chicken meat and honey to taste.
Let simmer for 1-2 hours. Taste. Add spices and pepper to taste.
Let cool and then place in fridge over night. When you are ready to eat, take chilli out and remove top layer of grease with a spoon.
warm up and make a paste of equal parts flour, masa and water. (1-2 tbsp should do it) add to chilli. allow to thicken and enjoy.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

words from a prophet

some words of hope in trying times...

The oppressor will come to an end
and destruction will cease;
the aggressor will vanish from the land.
In Love a throne will be established;
in Faithfulness a man will sit on it -
one from the house of David

Friday, October 01, 2004

slight coronary

Alicia and I watched the debates last night and i have never been more nervous watching tv! i was so anxious for W to do a good job it took everything in me to sit still Alicia did not suffer from the same malady - dropping off after about 30 mins. i don't know how that girl sleeps so much! seriously she can be out anytime within 5 mins
and i couldn't sleep until i had seen Vin Diesel capture the drug lords for the 5th time this week!

I can't stand watching Kerry up there, so smug, talking about supporting the troops! Supporting whose troops?! The man should be prosecuted for weakening America and giving comfort and aid to the enemy! what kind of man gets a fake tan and a manicure before a big challenge? Did you see the picture on Drudge? Ridiculous. I can't wait for this election to be over so i can go back to my normally high blood pressure.

It feels really good to just take your mind off politics for awhile and get back to the stuff that really matters, like the Cowboys season so far and of course, perfecting the magical delight known as chilli. look for my chilli recipe coming up soon. it is a lot of work, but i promise it is worth the effort!
God Bless Y'all