Friday, October 22, 2004

houses that change the world

i'm reading a great book by Wolfgang Simon about the whole home church movement. it is really great and you should check it out
an interesting look at the church, what it is, what it has become and ways that it can impact the lives of everyday people. the biggest question it poses for me is "how did Chrisitianity become something a couple of 'professionals' do 7 days a week and everybody else does 1-2 hours on Sunday morning. Before you plan an intervention for me, ask yourself "self, how many church members that i know live out their faith in helping others, in personal bible study and devotion and ministering to the needs of un-Christians?" probably very few within the whole scope of church members that you know. If that's the case not only in your church, but across the U.S. and more, what is the current structure of the church doing to change that or is the current structure furthering this problem.
at the National Youth Workers Convention a few fellow youthworkers talked about what's wrong with the church and it was easy to pin-point the LCMS problems but i think it is bigger than that and the same kind-of lukewarm faith is going on all over the place. that's why it is so amazing and inspiring when you meet someone who is living out their faith, because we see so little of it.

interested in seeing your comments and definitely worth checking out Houses That Change The World by Wolfgang Simon he's not the usual worn-out, pessimistic, doom and gloom leave the Bible behind post-emerge-converge look at my ear-rings and soul patch i'm so with the culture i have to be right kind-of guy.

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