Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Mick speaks out...finally

Check out Bill O'Reily's column in NY Daily News. It's a great one about how Europe is in the tank and why they love to hate us.

p.s. instead of emailing me...post your comments by clicking on the link below. that's how this is supposed to go. I say "blah, blah, blah" you call me an idiot...then i come to your house and beat... well right up until that last part.


Peter said...

Bill O'Reily is a great Irish American, one of the few that I know, jk. What did you think about Chenny's performance last night? I thought he kicked Edward's butt.

j said...

those lousy irishmen. at least they're not all yankees.
i didn't see the debate last night but from the soundbytes it looks like Cheney wiped the floor with lacey pony's pretty hair. I love taking jabs at the johns' vanity - it seriously works some people up. as for our crew, nobobdy expects them to be sitting under some hairdryer at the beauty salon. even Condi is man enough to go to a barber.

j said...

wow. Bill is going through it. don't know what to think right now. i'm going to see how this plays out and what he has to say about the charges. I don't know that he really has responed to the charges yet, as to whether they are true or not. more of a - these attacks are evil... kind of a thing. well, maybe, maybe not. but are they true?