Friday, October 01, 2004

slight coronary

Alicia and I watched the debates last night and i have never been more nervous watching tv! i was so anxious for W to do a good job it took everything in me to sit still Alicia did not suffer from the same malady - dropping off after about 30 mins. i don't know how that girl sleeps so much! seriously she can be out anytime within 5 mins
and i couldn't sleep until i had seen Vin Diesel capture the drug lords for the 5th time this week!

I can't stand watching Kerry up there, so smug, talking about supporting the troops! Supporting whose troops?! The man should be prosecuted for weakening America and giving comfort and aid to the enemy! what kind of man gets a fake tan and a manicure before a big challenge? Did you see the picture on Drudge? Ridiculous. I can't wait for this election to be over so i can go back to my normally high blood pressure.

It feels really good to just take your mind off politics for awhile and get back to the stuff that really matters, like the Cowboys season so far and of course, perfecting the magical delight known as chilli. look for my chilli recipe coming up soon. it is a lot of work, but i promise it is worth the effort!
God Bless Y'all


Jamie said...

I'm glad you're open to different opinions than your own.

j said...

i calls em as I sees em