Monday, November 01, 2004

In loving memory of Guisepi "pepi" roni

Great party! Alicia and Malin threw me a really great birthday party Saturday. They managed to keep it a secret despite my numerous attempts to trick them into revealing some morsel of information. I'm glad they didn't.
Saturday morning Alicia has us moving the furniture all around and cleaning the house like an indentured servant. I step out for a bit and when I come back into the house there are candles everywhere and this memorial to Guisepi "Pepi" Roni, loving husband, caring father and devoted grandfather. what's more there's a picture of my dad who is supposed to be Pepi. Alicia is putting on this nice black evening dress and she tells me to put on my courderoy pants a polo and my cleats. Random.
My parents show up and my dad is dressed like a cross between the god-father and Elwood Blues, mom is all in black apparently in mourning. Amber and Justin show up...Amber in fish-nets and tacky jewelry and Justin as a frenchie. totally random.
Robert and Lisa arrive as a clair-voyent and a priest.
Alicia had set up a Murder Mystery dinner and it was so much fun. We were such big dorks accusing people and defending ourselves in horrible I-talian accents. it was great and my wife is wonderful and so much more than I could ever deserve.
great birthday

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