Wednesday, October 13, 2004

way off

okay so i was way off on the UT OU scenario. 12-zip. what a disappointment. i was in Dallas during the game and walking around the West End, let me tell you how outnumbered UT fans were to the Sooners. I'm shocked at how they (OU) get up for the game at all. 5 in a row and they are as excited as a hillbilly at a family reunion. What will it take to get the Longhorns serious?


Peter said...

Sorry bout the Longhorns. But what about those Tech Red Raiders 70-10 over nebraska. What a whooping. I'm heading to Lubbock in 2 weeks!

Whitney said...

awww....too bad about the 'horns. but how 'bout them Raiders?! yeah baby!! neways....chekc out my blog too!!! it's 'da bom'!!! :)

j said...

what's with all the techies?