Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It's almost not fair

Fresh from their 2005 championship against the Pist-ons, the small market nobodies went and picked up Michael Finley. Doing so, they beat out Shaq who was personally handling the recruiting for the Heat, who were able to offer quite a bit more cha-ching. In the end though, Finley was more interested in the bling. Apparently, the poor deluded superstar thinks that the Spurs are set to grab their 4th ring. Obviously, all of the press and attention has gone to his head. I mean what chances do the Spurs really have...
All they did was steal another great foreign player in Fabricio Oberto (post), add Nick Van Exel to back up Tony Parker (point) and now Finley as a dynamite backup for Manu Ginobli.
Hold on... am I crazy or did the Reigning NBA Champion Spurs just firm up their 3 week spots with great players?
Oh yeah... did I mention that Finley turned down $5 million with the Heat to play for $2.5 with the Spurs... Sandbox Recruiting Lesson #1 for Shaq: don't be a jerk your entire career and expect people to play with you.


Matthew Popovits said...

Learn from the Yankees--Cash and great players doesn't necessarily equal more titles--just more headaches.

Josh said...

prudent salary cap moves + great players + good coach + great fans + good front office + great facility + point guard with hot girlfriend = more titles.

j said...

I guess Detroit can teach us how to be better at picking reliable players i.e. Rasheed Wallace and his wrestling belt. They can also teach us about how to pick a coach that displays tremendous loyalty i.e. Larry the Lecher.
You're probably right though... Poppovich just doesn't have a clue what he's doing. It's not like we have guys almost turning down a head coaching job so that they can continue to work in our front office. (Danny Ferry) And of course, our guys are just complete ego maniacs and don't represent good sportmanship (Manu coming off the freakin' bench)
Of course, the Pistons were not at all salivating at Michael Finley. They were above the fracas. Mostly, cause they didn't have much of a chance of landing him. I think the biggest lesson De-troit Bas-ket-ball can teach us how to not rest on your laurels after you win a championship, get all puffed up with pride and think you can always pull it out at the last second.

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