Thursday, August 18, 2005

life cycle

experienced death and life yesterday.
I was able to witness a beautiful new baby being baptized by her daddy, mom fighting back tears watching on. both of them committing their lives and the life of their new child to God. As Alicia and I looked on we committed ourselves to this child and to helping her grow in faith.
Watching a miracle take place and so much love focused on such a small, little person.
Driving home, I was talking with my dad and I found out that my uncle (really my dad's uncle) passed away. It turns out that he had a stroke about a week ago and went into the hospital and that he never regained consciousness and eventually died.
No one visited him in the hospital and he was cremated and interned within a days time. No funeral.
My family recieved a letter that he passed away and that contributions could be made to his favorite charity. This was all done according to his own requests. He requested that if something should happen to him that no family would be contacted until after everything was taken care of.
Everything is going through my head at once and I want to share about it and I think it is important to share this but while I have words, I don't know how to put it all down right now and that may take some time. Not due to being emotionally overwhelmed or because I am in some deep greiving because neither are true. I just don't know how to put it all to paper.

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disgruntled world citizen said...

You know, there is something about that bothers me, too and I think this is what it is: that's a selfish act on his part. Even if you didn't know that guy all that well, which I don't know if you did or not, there is still something that not cool about that. The funeral and rememberance is all part of the grieving process. Being able to put closure to something like a life is important and necessary. And that was taken away from you, that's why I call it a selfish act.

The beauty of a baptism is amazing. Have you ever wondered why a baby cries when they get baptised? I have a theory, as weird as it might be, but I like to imagine the instant the water hits the child's noggin a small demon is kicked out and an angel takes its place, on some level I'm sure that sudden departure and arrival hurts... whenever I see a baptism take place and hear that child cry I find myself saying: "yeah, what's up now, sucka-devil!" Silly, I 'spose, but well, there it is.