Thursday, August 04, 2005

destiny's child

interesting how life makes it's twists and turns, exactly when you think you have everything figured out, another twist shows up in the road you are on. Strangely, the norm for our path has become change and movement, while permanence and roots have become very forgeign.
Although I am a very "flow with the Schmo" person, I also lived in 1 house from birth to age 21. I knew my neighborhood and neighbors. I knew their neighbors and their relatives' neighbors. Watching the same local sportscaster for twenty years and even sharing the same barbershop with him (my claim to fame). This anchor growing up contrasted with our Odyssey of the last 4 years has produced if not unease, definitely some longing for durable relationships.
And when we first moved down to Sugar Land we had absoluely no plan or desire to sink our roots down. Zero. Zilch. Nada. It was a year and half and out. Then we start to serve and help at our church. We make friends there. Work starts to go...well, better. So we start having conversations like: I guess it wouldn't suck too bad if we had to stay a little bit longer. Then the talk turned more to "i hope we don't have to move within...such and such time/months/years".
So I guess that there aren't any startling revelations here, except that we are planning on settling in. which, for this family of troubadours, is a little bit startling.

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Anonymous Katy Texas Vicar said...

I hope you guys stick around for a good, long, time. At least until I leave.