Tuesday, August 09, 2005

passmore capacitor

when you join a church, you always hear "the best way to get to know people is to get involved, start helping out". heck, I've even said it. while it did ring true, it always had more of a "we need volunteers and new people are willing to take the crappy jobs" kinda feel to it.
but last night, while working on the set of the new series "Parenting in the Chocolate Factory" it struck me that this theorum is exactly true. It was only when we started serving and helping that we started to make friends and meet people on a personal level.
whether it is putting up chairs or hanging backdrop, VBS or communion set up. It has been fun getting back into the swing of church stuff. Spending time with people over a Taco Bell burrito or kicking peoples' butts in every game known to mankind. there is something to this fellowship thing. Having relationships with people that are centered in serving Christ and others.
I used to always feel a little guilty about asking (begging) people to serve in ministry, (probably because they would say stuff like "I helped, now will you leave me alone?" or "Fine, I'll spend one more night away from my family") but I realize what an opportunity it is to be given a chance serve. For most, it may be the only chance that they get to relax, laugh and enjoy other people's company.

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