Wednesday, April 06, 2005

sickness and wonderings

Alicia has the flu. She is out cold. Occassionally she wakes up enough to chort out this nasty chest cough. Each time I wonder if I should go and scoop up her lung fragments and shove them back inside. But that would probably hurt worse than it would be beneficial. So I do the next best thing: feed her soup, fill 'er up with sleepy drugs and watch sports.

Don't judge me... It's not like she's awake or even alive to this world. What does it matter if I gorge on basketball, baseball and ESPN Classic? How can it be wrong, when it feels so right? Did I mention all the Tom Clancy movies ever made? It's time like this that I wonder crazy things. Like...if being gay didn't involve the whole sex thing, or acting...well acting gay, or dressing preppy...but instead was just two dudes watching sports, grilling steaks and drinking beer every night...well...I think there would be a lot more gay guys. But instead they're missing all the benefits and still have all the... the...non-benefits (i think that's safe enough) and spend time arguing over whether they watch Trading Spaces or Ice Skating. Come on guys. You're screwing up a good thing!

I love being married and I love Alicia to death, I'm just saying that a little less Soap TV and a little more bar-b-que in the old diet is not a horrible thing. I'm just saying is all


disgruntled world citizen said...

careful, bro, i see on bravo that queer eye for the straight guy has been in texas... you might be a candidate for one of the fab five. lol

j said...

lol - ahem. to be clear - merely referring to normal dude habits that seem to get kicked out the door after a couple years of marriage. It's like when you sync your pda to your computer, except it's more like trying to sync up an old '65 Chevy with a Nail Salon and Boutique. I just miss the rust and sweet smell of diesel.

rebekah said...

terribly funny, both of you.