Tuesday, April 12, 2005

1 for 2

ok. so i was wrong on the president...kind of. If he eventually dies, I say that I was still right. If he makes a comeback before the end of the show, I say that's it. Too neat and tidy and unbelievable. Only so far can you stretch me.
Is it possible that only 2 guys and a huey can be rounded up to try and secure the football? In the U.S. of freaking A? maybe. Is it possible that we would reinstate a former traitor and current alcoholic to be temporarily in charge of a government agency? that is definitely not a huge jump to make. But. come on. Does Jack, in fact, need to do everything? all the time?
I want to watch this show. I love it. But I don't want to watch General Hospital with guns. Let somebody freaking die for pete's sake.

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GtotheMizzo said...

many of my thoughts exactly. I could tell from the first scene with this season's president that he was totally expendable--a completely bland and 2-D character. and when they brought in his son, I knew something bad was about to happen--"quick, the missle's in the air, let's humanize this guy!" I almost cared when the plane went down... that was unnecessarily harsh. I did appreciate the irony that after 3 seasons protecting one president, the next one goes down on Jack's watch (sort of). and yeah, what are the odds of two agents with handguns being sent in to recover the football. I guess they weren't expecting Marwan and Co. to be there, but come on, why wouldn't you? but I guess their underestimation of Marwan wasn't completely unfounded, since he was stupid enough to show up himself - instead of sending one extra goon - to recover the football. now I'm just wondering how Marwan will escape a chopper in a jeep, because you know he will.