Tuesday, April 19, 2005

the blog vs. the bulletin board

The difference between slugging your way through a Fiesta Mart and perusing through mom and pop's local store. Can you find absolutely every flippin' thing at the Fiesta Mart? Every wierd root and juice and canned item. hats, t-shirts and knick-knacks. True, there is the limited choice at mom and pop's. but you don't have to walk past the gang of thugs loitering out front. you just have to step over the family dog that "guards" the front door. Of course, I think that dingy old dog gives the store some personality and instead of a world of a la carte, there is more intentionality and attention to detail.
At mom and pop's, you run into the guy who cuts your hair or your buddy since 5th grade. At the Fiesta Mart, you're lucky if you run into somebody who speaks coherent English.


disgruntled world citizen said...

fiesta was always kind of a strange place to go. i went to fiesta across from con you a couple times. a word to the wise: never go to fiesta after a heavy night of drinking... its much more intense-- fiesta and the buzz...

there were times, though, when i'd walk around fiesta's produce department and i'd be afraid... what exactly did they do with some of those "vegetables..." frightening.

rebekah said...

i got a sombrero and a sarape at a Fiesta once.

and a six pack roll of brawny paper towels.

one stop shopping. it's great.