Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Remember the Schiavo

There are many who claim that Sam Houston did nothing to save the defenders of the Alamo because he in fact wanted to benefit from the Alamo's defeat. Knowing Santa Anna's bloated ego would compel him to utterly destroy the mission and any who would stand up against him, Sam (it is claimed) allowed the defeat to stoke the fires and anger of his army to a fever pitch. Ultimately, Sam Houston's forces fought Santa Anna on grounds that they chose, fueled by the cry "Remember the Alamo".

I must say here, that the Alamo was an obvious trap for the fledgling Texas Army and to run to their rescue would have played right into old Santy Anna's hand. Let's say he could have thrown forces into the mission... could it have been enough to change the outcome of the battle? I say no. The first loss is the smallest loss. The defeat of the Alamo was decided long before Sam Houston was notified of the seige. It was in underestimating the enemy.

This brings us to current day. Was Terri Schiavo the Alamo for conservatives? Is she more politically useful now that she has been martyred? If George and Jeb could have rescued her life there at the end, would they have? Did they, in fact use every power at their discretion to intervene and stand up for this lady? Or would the cost have been to high and the gain to small?

When does doing something because it is right, lose to doing something because it is effective? Battlefield tactics, involving soldiers who know the cost war may require, differs greatly from politcal angles at the expense of American citizens. I don't know the answer to the question I am asking. I don't know why Sam Houston did not answer the calls of William Travis and I don't know whether George and Jeb exhausted every option for Terri. I certainly don't know what was going on inside their hearts and minds. Most everything I have seen and heard about these two men is that they are above reproach are loving, caring Christian men. It seemed though, that at the end, when public opinion seemed to turn, both backed off a little and would not use their executive powers to intervene, instead bowing to the judiciary as though it is the most powerful branch and greater than the Governor, President and Legislature combined.

In all of this, the most striking similarity is that now, people are beginning to see the powers that they are up against. While the will of the people is evidenced in a conservative house, senate and presidency, the judiciary stands as the last governmental bastion for liberalism. People are now incensed and up in arms. Unfortunately, it took a young lady's life to call them to action.

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