Thursday, April 28, 2005


my sister and brother in law are having a baby and she just called me because they went to the doctor and saw the sonogram and they could see my neicephew's heart fluttering away! it's only been 6 weeks. I think that amazing.
Part of the reason I'm so pumped is that they have tried for so long and we have all been praying like crazy...more so praying a lot than "like crazy". "like crazy" would entail muttering and flailing and asking God to stop the leprechaun from stealing your lucky charms...but i digress.
sorry for the nasty appearance of this post but since i had to turn in my laptop when i changed jobs, this is how it's gonna be. unless you want to make your donation to the GMAC Fund (Get the Maroneys A Computer) then my posts will be pretty again. incoherrent but pretty.
The only sad news about the neicephew is that there is only one of them. Of course this will only be sad news to Malin since she was praying for my sister to have 100 babies. I guess she had watched 101 dalmations or something. Silver lining: not 100 babies but my neicephew does look like a poodle. (that what the sonogram lady said. honest.) I guess that means the baby will be taking after my brother-in-law.
Maroneys are not that well-bred. We're more of the mutt variety.


rebekah said...

eh being a mutt is rather underrated.

babies. exciting :)

Stacey said...

how are you typing that? there's a place in Big-D that sells computers for cheap-o. that's where we got ours. it's a little old, but it works! that was the funniest post you've done in a while... good job! go check mine out you slacker. and tell alicia to read it too, i posted that hillarious e-mail she sent me. good times...good times. ;o)

GtotheMizzo said...

hey, they ARE always after me lucky charms.
j, I need your e-mail address. that's why you didn't know about my change in URL--you were not on my mass-e-mail list. you may not want to post it on your (or my) blog, so just e-mail it to me at
you see, I have no problem putting my personal info out there, because I pity the fool who steals my identity.