Monday, April 11, 2005

for sale or rent

I finally discovered my skills! Unfortunately, it is neither numchuk nor bow hunting skills. BUT, I do have magical abilities. (currently) I can go to any professional sports venue and not only make my team win, but win by one point at the buzzer.

First the Spurs/Lakers, then the Astros/Reds. I'm en fuego! Granted, there is no "buzzer" at a baseball game, but it was bottom of the ninth, so I think it qualifies.

I'm not yet certain if my skills require me to be a fan of the team or not. I will have to do further investigating.

Looking forward to a great 24 tonight. My money is on this scenario: President is dead (if not it will seem too Soap Opera/Harrison Ford). The Football escapes immeadiate capture but later falls into the terrorists' hands but is rescued by Jack before (right before) they blow anything up (preferably during the obligatory evil guy monologue). They will try to use the football to kill all Americans and if they were being true to life, nuke Israel, but as mentioned earlier this will be thwarted. Frankly this season is getting a little ho-hum. not quite as edge-of-your-seat-what's-going-to happen-next like the preceeding seasons. I will say this much for this season's terrorists, they find something that works and stick with it. i.e. blow up a vehicle (train/plane) where something valuable is and show up before the response team can get there and steal it. It's quality, because the items are in these destruction proof cases and if you can control when and where you blow up the vehicle, you're bound to get there before any response team can. kudos to you Mr. Terrorist Plan Maker. You go the extra mile to blow us up.


Josh said...

The people who get the football may be Arabs, but I guarantee that there are some rich corporate white guys behind the whole deal. After all, it would be insensitive and racist for the terrorists to be Arab, right?

One thought on last week's episode... where the heck did the President's son come from and why the heck do I care? I guess they put him in to kind of humanize the President so that we will actually care when he eats it, but is anything like that really going to happen for people? If we haven't cared about the President for the last 18 hours, why would we start caring now?

Also look for former President Palmer to make an appearance soon.

disgruntled world citizen said...

Hey, can you throw some of that evil sports voodoo at the Chicago Cubs? I mean, do REALLY need the Cubs? No. They can go away. Do your magic J. Let the crazy sports voodoo begin!

Stacey said...

okay, i watched 24 monday night and did anyone else notice that the vice president was acting a little weird? what's going on?

j said...

hey stace
my opinion is the VP is a wuss. as shown in the previews he definitely gets in the way of jack doing his thing but I think it's no more than CYA wimpy bueracratese. I could be wrong and he's totally in league with the terrorists but... doubtful since he hasn't shown his face until just now.

j said...

also, it could be the segue into what josh mentioned earlier into arnie bringing palmer back into the mix...somehow