Tuesday, January 18, 2005

nobody died

I wore a suit and nobody died.
that is to say that nobody had to die for me to wear a suit today.
there wasn't even a wedding involved.
i was poking around the galleria on Sunday and i found a suit that was like 80% off. which is not unusual. it is unusual to find one that is in my size and is not puke green and made out of a woolen-fiberglass blend. but i think the suit paid off. I made my first sale!!! granted the sale was to myself, but it goes in the books and where i come from a W is a W. so a celebration is in order. WHHEEE!!! YIPEE!! YAHOO!!
ok. that's enough.

so, if you know me, two images that are equally confusing: Me in a suit and Me in the Galleria.
Galleria. wow. that is pure misery. there is a floor - an entire floor that requires a credit check just to walk on their linoleum. it's probably gold-flaked or something. seriously. there were stores i had never heard of and people that i never wanted to dream of. the balconies had places to sit -leather couches- nice dark leather couches. and those were just the ones i could see from the other floor, lord knows what other lavish secrets the 2nd floor holds. lord knows.

the wife drug me all over that stinkin place and by the end of it i was actually jealous of the security nerd guy who "rode" one those personal mover roller things. sure i laughed at him when i first saw him on that two-wheeled fisher price bubble blower mower and his 1st grade bike helmet, but when my fat butt was tired and my legs were aching, i was like dang... i wish i had a bubble mower like that guy.

I finally gave up and settled in at Chilli's watching the Colts lose (sorry K). Then we met up with a friend of mine and his wife in friendswood and we ate bratwurst, played settlers of cataan and had a great time. of course, it was fun because I won.


disgruntled world citizen said...

I always felt uncomfortable "shopping" in the galleria. I just felt like I didn't belong. I knew I didn't have enough commas in my bank account to be there.

The Colts loss was ugly. Except I maintain this: the Colts didn't lose, they were soundly beaten. Last year, they lost, this year they were shellacked.

Oh, I'm thinking about coming down for the bbq at camp this summer. I may need a couch to crash on. Any suggestions?

j said...

we gotcha a bed homey - that will be great