Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I wish I was in austin... make that houston

since the move to sugarland, i think i have spent more time in austin than at home. this time it's training for member care stuff. it's not too bad. free meals and all that - but i would much rather be at home with my girls. i don't know how people live on the road away from their family. don't think i could do it. even eating out isn't that much fun when you know you're going back to an empty hotel room with their scratchy blankets, ultra white towels, sample soaps and that horrible perfumed lotion.
i'm complaining but oh well. truth is i am sucking at the training. i'm not an egotist but i know that i am further along than the other people with me. so the trainer always gives me the tougher questions and puts me on the spot. it reminds me of football practice when coach would bust your chops just because he could. i guess it's good for me and i'm learning alot but i'm just tired of feeling stupid. i've gotten to the point where i don't even remember the stuff i know much less bs my way through the stuff i don't know. and then they want you to go out and make apppointments with people...make appointments and do what with them? tell them how stupid i am? yeah, not looking forward to that. the only high point in the whole process is that i dropped the dime on peter out in lubbock. there's a rep out there and i gave him ole' pete's phone number and told him to give pedro a call. thought it would make peter's day to get "solicited" even if it was for less desirable services.

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