Monday, January 24, 2005

just say it boochey

took up the road warrior mantle this weekend. again.
my mom and grandma's birthday. it is a wonderful time seeing my family and when we got in late Saturday night, we stayed up for hours telling stories and jokes and just laughing. no drinks involved. this story by far is my favorite.

my dad was outside working on crosses that he makes for a hobby/job. Across the fence he hears two boys playing. One boy says to the other "Hey Boochey, ask me if you can borrow my dog." Boochey responds "naw, i don't want to" so the boy continues "come on, just say it Boochey" and still Boochey refuses.

this goes on for twenty minutes "Just say it Boochey" NO "come on Boochey" NO!... JUST SAY IT BOOCHEY!

Finally, Boochey relents "Can I borrow your dog?"
response: "No, I don't let anybody borrow my dog."

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