Tuesday, January 04, 2005

condescension at Luby's

ok i couldn't resist sharing our experience this Sunday. officially being off the clock on Sunday morning was an interesting experience. We went to beaumont to see Mimi...actually to help her move from the cavernous house that all old women end up after everybody else has moved out or died (hopefully anybody that dies has also moved out...but i digress) well, since we had just finished packing all our belongings up moving them across Texas and then unpacking them, helping an old lady do the same with her 3 tons of knick-knacks, doileys and knitted items...well that was just wonderful. we had a pile that was designated "church rummage sale" and we would make it bigger and Mimi would come out and make it smaller. before we left we managed to cram every last felt-doggy-penny bank, cat food for a non-existent cat, and 8,000 pounds of Christmas decorations (my favorite was the gold styrofoam Wise Man sans head) and every other odd piece of "can't live without it" into that 2 bedroom townhome. why do old people love crap? this is really turning into an old-lady rant and i wanted to rant about something totally different so i'll just keep going...hey if you're still reading, you either have NOTHING else to do or you REALLY have something that you don't want to do and i'm doing you a favor...
anyway, we drive back into town on sunday morning and get in around 10 am. we don't have a church home and we weren't in any kind of mood to go to church so... we unloaded all this lawn equipment that we got from Mimi (old broad came out a winner in the end) and we raked and mowed the lawn. it felt so good to get that thing cleared up. apparently realtors in sugarland don't have to do squat for the lawn, or fix things, or other landlordish things... oh well. so we get cleaned up and go to luby's (like 2 pm) and all these long service church goers are getting out and here we are in sandals and shorts. we get in line and they look at us like we had just taken huge handfulls of dog crap and rubbed them all over ourselves and licked our fingers. seriously. we even tried to play with one of the little kids and the parents were quick to usher the children away from the heathens before the kids picked up our smell.
from there we went to buy a washer and dryer. thank you mr. bonus. home depot. jerks. sears. bigger jerks. Conn's (who thought of that name?) great guy named John helped us and put us in that W&D today. so moral of this story: old ladies - lots of crap, but willing to give you some of it. luby's church goers - treat you like crap. John@Conn's - good guy/no crap. & Sunday can be a really neat day.

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disgruntled world citizen said...

make want to throw things, doesn't it? grrr.