Saturday, January 08, 2005

conspiracy theories II

we watched CT2 last night (the manchurian candidate) and it was a'ight. i should say that I watched the movie, because of course my better half crashed after 20 minutes. nothing new there i guess except she was the one who wanted to rent a movie!! go figure.
we checked out this italian cafe not too far from us. here is my review.
as we walked in Roselli's we noticed a nice warm atmosphere and courteous staff as well as half of the entire freakin neighborhood. that was a good sign i thought. we put our name in and were told 40 minutes. ehh. friday night. popular place. ok. we went to the little shops next door for about 20 minutes and came back name? already crossed off! but they told me with a smile that we would be next.
we sit fairly soon and look at their wine list... 5.25 for a glass of beringer??? i think that like meridian was their "fine" wine for like 7$ a glass. they didn't actually offer MD 20/20 but i'm pretty sure they had a bottle back ther for their regulars. we got the specials for the day *note specials do not mean special low price apparently* I'm pretty sure the salads they brought out were very fresh (meaning they went out back and grabbed some leaves and shrubs and threw them on a plate) I must admit that my entree was actually pretty good - but Alicia said her's was bland...Alicia...bland - that says something coming from the woman who thinks mayo is kind of spicy.
we were gluttons for punishment so we got dessert. the tarramisu (sp?) was great but my canoli did not come with a saws-all so i'll never know if it was tasty or not. i think though if the canoli was anything like the bill it was probably too-rich! dolla bills y'all!
as we left Roselli's i couldn't help but wonder what the hell is wrong with all these people eating with big smiles on their face.

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