Saturday, January 08, 2005

hey, hey, hey

fat albert makes me smile. why can't we all be so self-assured and focused on other people? that guy rocks.
yeah, yeah, yeah...gonna have a good time.

maybe we should all grow up with our idiosyncracies as part of our name... hi i'm girlie-mouthed mike. or squinty john, hairy-arms lisa. get it right out there. you're thinking about it. other people notice it. why not claim it and move on. instead we hide the things about ourselves that make us unique. if it makes us different, it must be bad.
so poop-myself peter, don't spend your whole life pretending that you have bowel control. grab some depends, or don't... and get on with life. quit being so self-occupied and paranoid that everybody is saying "hey i think that guy pooped in his pants" they are. but who cares. everybody poops. you happen to do it in your pants. so what!
most of our dissagreements with people come from the fact that we are so focused on ourselves. So very insecure and thinking that other people are focusing on our inadequacies. guess what? they are focused on their innadequacies too, so they can hardly spend too much time focused on you. they are wondering what you think of them and if you are buying the image that they are presenting. most of the time they don't spend the mental/emotional time to care about what's beyond your facade.
I'm not saying that people don't see the truth, just the opposite. they usually see alot more of the real you than you think. isn't that freeing? If everybody sees the real "screw-up you" already, then you can stop trying to be somebody else. I think that's why the Fat Albert paradigm works so well. somebody calls Fat Albert fat and he just looks at them, like "ummm tell me something I don't know, in fact tell me something that everybody in this room doesn't know" and then he proceeds to be the coolest guy in that room.
so start figuring out how you can make those extra long nose hairs work for you instead of against you.

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