Friday, December 17, 2004

Miracle Birth

this has grabbed my by the throat and it is amazing but they found the baby cut from it's mother's womb alive.
to put this in perspective, if the baby had been cut out of this mother with intent to end the babies life, if they had permission from mom everything would have been perfectly legal.
Maybe it's not right to talk about that when there is such a horrible tragedy of this mom losing her life. but everyday babies are losing their lives and because it's sterile and in a doctor's office, it's all A-OK.
I say miracle birth because it is amazing that this baby lived through this ordeal and because every baby and every human is a miracle of life. As I rejoice and wonder over this miracle birth and grieved by the brutal death of a mom, i am also disgusted by the many deaths that take place because other babies are unwanted. What a horrible reason to take a life. Revenge, Anger, Profit, Jealousy, Lust, Rage, any other reason you can think of is not as bad as making a decision to end a life because of inconvenience. How cold and uncaring. How selfish.

And even then, I know there is forgiveness even for this act. And i know how many young people, teenagers even, face the scariest decision and they cannot fathom what to do. I also know all to well that I am no better than someone that would do that. But all of those things do not take away from the injustice of Abortion. In the Old Testament, people would pass their children through the flame. They were sacrificing their children to Molech by placing their babies in an Idol/Altar to be burned alive. They did this so that they could have a plentiful harvest. Money. that's what it boils down to. It really ticked God off. It broke his heart. What is the difference between Passing Your Children Through the Flame and Having a Procedure to Get Rid of A Problem? Don't you think the OT people had their reasoning that made it ok? Doesn't the thought of those poor babies burning alive make you disgusted?
Where is your disgust at The Procedure? It probably wasn't PC to criticize the whole Molech thing either. Don't many abortions revolve around money also, Money for the doctors, Money that would be lost if the baby was carried to full term.
You have money, you have status. Isn't abortion also about status? status with your family. status with your friends. not the status you gain by having an abortion, but the status you would have lost otherwise.
People have said it's okay because whatever is inside of the "mom" isn't a human yet. I;m not going to get into the arguement of yes or no. but only ask this question of someone considering THE PROCEDURE, are you willing to risk murder if your'e wrong.

this may be harsh and insensitive. but get over yourself. it's not about you. life is not about you. the world is not all about you. there is right and wrong in this world and your feelings don't change that fact.

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