Sunday, December 19, 2004


today is my last day at Mt Olive. I love all of you and will miss you so much. All of my friends in the austin area, we will need to keep in touch. tomorrow we move.
on a side note, I'm looking for a rocking chair to strap down to the top of the Uhaul just to make a good impression for the new neighbors. so let me know if you got the hook-up.
I think stress is really getting to alicia and i. it will be really good when we finally get settled in and everything has calmed down. we can both use some Z's.

i will be out of pocket for awhile but i will try to check in as much as possible. while i'm talking about the greatest friends in the world, Josh and Shannon, you are. thanks for helping us move. this will be the 5th time we have moved in 3 and half years and i think you have been helping for each one. clim and pete, maybe next time.


adam said...

where are you moving to and what are you doing?

j said...

moved to sugarland tx near houston and i'm a financial advisor/associate with thrivent

disgruntled world citizen said...

mt olive... wasn't that the church that mike arldt was serving? mike arldt saved my christianity. i thank God for him daily.