Tuesday, December 14, 2004

free at last

I am finally done with my tests! passed the series 66 yesterday and it is a brand new day! got a lot of things settled with my new job, the when's, the where's and the how much's. definitely a load off my mind. Malin and ALicia have been great throughout this thing and I know a ton of people have been praying for me! I do feel bad for my wilf.
(my papa -pronounced pawpaw- would always write his cards to Happy (g-ma) "to my wonderful wilf"...still not sure why...but the family grew to expect it every Christmas. till one year he actually spelled it right and everybody was ticked. also, why is it that old people always have to read every card out loud? not just the Hallmark stuff either, the real personal junk that you just want them to hear. maybe it goes back to not having tv. you know, the whole family gathered around the radio listening to FDR give his firesides... or maybe they just don't get that much attention so they have to soak it in when they have it. but i digress)
My wilf has had to pack up all our junk -and I do mean junk- and do all the cleaning and taking care of Malin while getting things set up in Sugarland, did I mention having to put up with me while I have been studying? I have not been the happiest camper these 3 weeks. all this while not complaining. Who does all this? I think I married some kind of fembot. what else would explain how she puts up with me? I know this is too common of a theme, but seriously how and why she does it, I'll never know. Maybe she plans on killing me with the poison gas or the whole machine gun thing...

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disgruntled world citizen said...

no, i wasn't a part of that production at con-you. i did some time on the boards, though (j.b. and godspell). i do remember moerbe gettin clunked on the noggin by that heavy, metal stage door as luke opened it. i also remember the cuffin luke got on stage by moerbe in reaction. it was a good production. its one of my favorite plays to read.

do me a favor: tell rush and karen i said "hey" and tell karen that i still have "her" bach poster (its on my wall by the door) she may or may not remember the bach poster... ah, well.

matter of fact what's their email address? they always made me laugh.