Sunday, November 07, 2004

On the move

emotionally exhausted today. talked to the kids today and told them that we are moving at Christmas break. that was pretty rough.

i'll take a step back, Rachael is moving to Sugarland at break because of plans for her and Angel to get married. Alicia and I were faced with the decision to stay in Round Rock or move to be with Malin. and for us, there is no decision to make. I'm not saying there wasn't a struggle or that we don't feel that we are letting down both our church and Aicia's school. but when you are in a situation where you have to let somebody down - for us, that wasn't going to be Malin.

Everybody at church was so supportive and that really meant alot to both of us. Collin, 6th grade, was so profound and mature. "that's pretty tough for you guys, but you're doing the right thing. if it's for Malin, then you have to do it."
God, it's going to be tough leaving them.

here's how things stand: Alicia (always on top of things) has an interview on Tuesday for a 5th grade Language Arts and Social Studies position. I am looking for something. anything. actually, i am really looking for a job where i can work with people. your prayers are appreciated. of course my illustrious career will no doubt draw employers by the hundreds. youth worker, bean cooker and brisket slicer, insurance adjuster, hat shaper, security guard and manual laborer. almost forgot maintenance/demolitions man (anytime they wanted a new water fountain or whatever, they would send me to fix it) and camp counselor. look out Fortune 500 companies I'm on the market.

Alicia and I have grown so close through this. I have the best wife in the world. random thought yesterday. i was thinking about dying (if you drove the length of Mopac everyday so would you) and I tried to imagine what would happen right now, with the move to Sugarland. I know that Alicia loves Malin so much that she would still be just as committed to Malin as she is right now. I continue to see Jesus through Alicia each and everyday. - you can fool a lot of people in this world, but it is hard to fool your spouse. I thank God for her and the example she gives to Malin and to me.


Anonymous said...

You and Alicia are in my prayers. I know that God will use you both in amazing ways in Sugarland. Malin is so blessed to have such a loving father. God's richest blessings,


j said...

thanks pedro, preciate the prayers