Wednesday, November 03, 2004

"i'd rather be last than wrong"

it's such a great day, I'm singing a Tim McGraw song...cats and dogs living together I tell ya!
I realize that lately texas cooking hasn't been living up to it's sur-title "Food, Politics and Jesus" so here is a list of what I ate during the 10 hour election watch:
1 bag "frito-like" dip chips
1 container french onion dip in honor of Kerry
1 box Little Debbie Snack Cakes
1 pkg provolone cheese

Everything was shaping up like expected until Florida just refused to get close. tighten up...but not even close.
West Virginia falls to Bush right out of the gate.
New Hampshire is called for Kerry...second coming of Christ eminent
reporters are starting to get nervous, but never fear, they'll get a boost from the left coast.
the lefties go blue and still we wait for Ohio.
and wait.
and wait.
Iowa can't get it's act together.
all the states with 100 people or less can be counted (NV, NM, Wisc, etc)
meanwhile, Ohio is going strong for Bush. he has weathered cugawa county (or whatever) finally Fox and NBC have enough cajonies to call Ohio for W, but in the NOBLE words of Red Dan Rather "I'd rather be last than wrong"
He is so concerned about journalistic integrity that he doesn't want to go ahead with reporting something and then find out it is false.
I'm glad he found his scruples in time to not call the election for Bush. ABC was stuck because they had already called Nevada for Bush so giving him Ohio would have put him over the 270 margin. So they would rather be last. .
Don't worry Dan. You are. dead last.

On a side note, I actually had tears in my eyes watching Jimmy Carvel talk about the end of the Democratic (to hell with God) Secular Party. straight up the guy called it. It's over. Dems need to take a look inward and then get back in touch with the American people. But I wouldn't bet on it.

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