Wednesday, November 24, 2004

it's a secret

don't forget to post your little person on the guest map...

we are heading down to San Antonio today to be with Grammy and Pots and get a chance to go to our home church growing up and help mom (Grammy) with the Thanksgiving cooking and help dad (Pots) with sitting on the couch watching football. We are really looking forward to it. for Alicia and I, it is like coming home from work and plopping on the couch and letting out that deep sigh. my sister and my cunado will come in, either tonight or tomorrow and everybody gets along and has a great time.

Our big surprise was going to be Malin. we didn't think she was going to be able to come with us and would go with Rachael to Houston but those plans fell through, so she'll be coming with us to SA. we had already told mom and dad that she wouldn't be with us so we were thinking of ways to surprise them. Only one problem... mom was talking with Malin the other day and she asked her what she was doing for Thanksgiving and Malin tells her "It's a secret" which to her 6 yr old mind gives away nothing but to the Grammy super-sleuth has revealed all. Oh well.

Will I eat too much, be too lazy, and watch a ton of football for Thanksgiving? It's a secret.

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