Sunday, May 01, 2005

that's my dawg

Alicia and I have been thinking about getting Malin a dog for her birthday so we have been checking out animal shelters and classified ads. If it's one thing I've learned through this it is that DOGS ARE EXPENSIVE. DOLLAR BILLS Y'ALL.
Back in the day, rescuing a dog was like 30 bucks now it's ninety. NINE-ZERO. For some dog that wasn't good enough for somebody else. I understand that those uppity-top of the line pet shop dogs or those $400 side of the road "AKC" dogs are gonna pull some dough but these dogs didn't make the cut for some other family. bark too much. pee on their floor. chew on the sofa. whatever.
Free market economy says that those dogs should be sold for a major discount. Ugly ones for even cheaper. No discernable breed? half off. Pees all the time? 75% off. Always trying to bite your in-laws? ehhh maybe pay a little bit more for that one. (just teasing. love ya Lisa!)
Now if the $90 was the total cost, maybe that would be such a big deal. but then we would need to pay a pet deposit and we don't even know if the landlord would allow us to have a dog or how much she would charge us! Then you gotta buy all kinds of dog products and fancy chew toys AND food. mutt would probably want to eat every day!! And those chew toys...why not just buy an extra pair of dress shoes so that the furry chewing machine can go ahead and do the inevitable. Stock up on Febreeze and Carpet cleaner.
After all that and knowing that I will be the one to clean up the poo and take the dog for a walk and food and water... ultimately, who can say no to this:

You see my dilemma.
Everything worked out in the end because Malin needs these orhtopedic inserts that cost crazy money so after trapsing all over Katy and Houston and searching for mutts all over the web... She's gonna get a fish. a boring, swim, eat and poop fish.
Cest la vie


Anonymous said...

Hold on there bucko! Everybody knows it's the wife/mom that ends up taking care of the dog even though the husband and kids promise they will do everything!!! You and Malin are such animal people! If it were up to you, we would own like 50 cats, a couple of snakes, and a rottweiler. You're wearin' me down though! Fish are a good start!
love ya!
am (i don't have a blog place, so i'm commenting through jason's blog)

Stacey said...

yeah... just don't get suicidal fish like greg and i do. we've had two betas that have jumped to thier death. seriously. right out of the bowl. which one would think only actually works in finding nemo, and in that scene gil was actually thrown out of the tank by his fellow fishes to save sharkbait (ooh,haha). anyway. i'd avoid the betas and the goldfish. goldfish poop like nobodies business and instead of picking dog poop up off the floor, you're pouring fish poop down the sink every three days. just buy the girl a catfish and teach her how to gut it and grill it. that's the kind of life skills an 8(?) year old needs.