Thursday, May 05, 2005

save you some time

The Spurs did actually just finish AND win the first round of their playoff series against the Nugg-ettes. I wanted to ease your concerns in case you were searching for information on this at ESPN and were unable to find ANYTHING.
There is an article about how great Nugg-ette Star Carmello Anthony is and how he will be pretty much unstoppable next year.

by the way he looked really unstoppable last night in the 4th quarter when he cried like a little girl because his wrist was hurting him. Good luck working on your scary game face during the off-season Carmellow.

Next up: Sonics.


Jim said...

Do you actually watch my beloved Gophers play? Because LM is a speical player. I don't know if he is an NFL type back, but the kid can run the pigskin. If he didn't have to split time with a new cowboy addition...Marion Barber....he would have put up some amazing numbers. I am looking forward to see what he can do as a featured back this year.

j said...

He's a heck of a runner. Lots of heart from what i can see. Nobody thought Emmitt Smith was gonna make much of a NFL back either. Plus he's family and we irish guys stick together.

Jim said...

What is he a second causin?

j said...

all right. you caught me. we might not be directly related.