Wednesday, May 11, 2005

little pig

this whole basketball season, everybody has been talking about these GREAT teams and the NBA commercials show every thug-rapper-"just give me the rock"-wanna-be. The announcers droning on and on about SKILLZ and the run and gun.

Where are you now? Why are you not talking about those guys now?

Since when did strange concepts like "discipline" and "defense" become important in basketball? It's slamma-jamma and in your face and don't forget about the bling bling!

Now the announcers are shrugging their shoulders and saying "the spurs just have too many ways that they can hurt you" almost like "I'm sorry mam, but the cancer has just spread too fast. I wish there was something we could do."

"well it looks like it will be the Heat and the Spurs in the championship" uncoded: It's pretty bad...but there is one last measure we could try and you have 50/50 chance...

The truth is that the NBA is hemorrhaging fans. Normal working men that grew up with Larry Bird and Dr. J. They want to sit down and watch a game with good team play and strategic coaching. Two teams fighting it out and putting their egos aside to WIN THE GAME. Not 10 individuals out to get the stats and the highlights and the commercial contracts. Win the game? yeah, that would be good too.

Okay, well I made through this entire entry without mentioning the way that the biggest sissy in sports completely got rewarded this entire last game by getting call after call after CALL!!! Apparently, the the referees have decided that playing defense against Ray Allen is a foul in and of itself. AND if i hear one more talking head mention how HARD Allen is for battling back and playing with a bum ankle...I will have to gouge someone's eyes help me...even if they're my own! at least I wouldn't have to see that cute little smirk that he gets across his widdle face every time he gets a call because the big-bad Bowen huffed and puffed in his general direction.

Well, I almost didn't mention it.


GtotheMizzo said...

Do you think it's fair to say that Michael Jordan is responsible for the transformation of basketball from a team sport to a superstar showcase? and if so, is it because he was so freakin' good, or because he leveraged that talent into a cross-promotional merchandising empire? in other words, was he even better at being the best than he was at playing basketball?

j said...

Definitely Jordan inspired all the current thug-rapper-super stars, especially, with his individual play and then finally his concession to a "supporting cast" but Magic Johnson was a HUGE endorsement guy before Jordan ever thought of pedaling underwear and sports drinks. But I think you are right in that Jordan created an aura about himself that he was the Summit of Sports, the Apex of Athleticism, the Pinnacle of Players, and the Zenith of Zen'ners.