Thursday, May 19, 2005

...but i still love technology...

a tribute to my wife who has had the distinct displeasure of being married to me for four years as of today.

You are a saint with either a strong desire for punishment or incredibly bad taste in men. maybe both.

As the wordsmith Adam Sandler once said "Sorry I'm not better looking"


disgruntled world citizen said...

happy anniversary and such. may you have many, many years of marriage. *salu*

Anonymous said...

You ARE hot baby ;) And I would like to think I have extremely great taste in men!!!


rebekah said...


hope you had a nice one.

GtotheMizzo said...

COGRATS! So sorry we didn't tell you the day of... we are the worst friends ever. But so are ya'll. 'Cause our five years was 5.27. Love you both- Greg and Stacey