Monday, February 07, 2005

Super Ash Sunday

Our church doesn't have wednesday services so last sunday we had the imposition of ashes and it was really cool - they encouraged parents to ash their kids and spouses/sig others to ash each other and say "Jesus forgives you of all your sin" nothing blogworthy so far but later on that day I met some people in Schulenburg at Frank's and when i walked in every body was staring at me and I was thinking "hey, I must be looking pretty good". I went into the restroom and when I washed my hands, I jumped back because I had forgot about the giant black Markings on my forehead.
I debate on washing them off, but decided to let it ride. all through lunch, the Schulenburg socialites noted their interest in my black markings (probably discussing 2 things: 1. why does he have ashes on Sunday and 2. what's this darn Catholic doing in Schulenburg)
My business done, I trek back to Sugartown and decide to catch the game at Wing N' Things (horrible service, plastic mugs, no clue what the "Things" are but dang those Gold Fever Wings are good!!) I'm sitting with my wings and pitcher of bock like the cat what swallowed the canary, when this 16 year old waiter, alerts me to some dirt I have smeared on my forehead. before I can catch my bearings, I inform him that it's ashes and my church doesn't do Wednesdays. then I realize why everybody has been staring at me:
1. I'm the only white guy in the place
2. I'm the only guy with sleeves and buttons on my shirt
3. I'm the only blaring horrible witness of Christ in the room


disgruntled world citizen said...

true story: when i was kid living in new york i remember going to school on ash wednesday on eyar. i must of been in third or fourth grade. any way, i saw all these people walking around with marks on their forheads. i can remember thinking they looked like bruises. and i also remember wondering why anyone let someone hit them in the head with a hammer. that's sounds silly, but it is true. i either figured out what was up or was told, that i don't remember, but i decided then and there that i would never let any one put ashes on my forehead.

rebekah said...

i've never done the ashes thing, but i always wanted to ...

disgruntled world citizen said...

ah, yes, i'm glad to see another ignatius-phile among us. be well.