Monday, June 13, 2005

to grackel or not to grackel

driving home from church yesterday and a grackel flies right into the road in front of our car and dies.
Check that. before even the impact with the road, the aforementioned grackel was in fact dead. It hits and rolls - dead as old grandma.
Instinctively, I swerve to miss the recently deceased and watch as it is flattened underneath the tires of the Lumina behind me.

Winner for most random experience of the day.


disgruntled world citizen said...

I saw something on the news a few weeks ago about gackles being a problem in Houston. I'll never forget watching a mockingbird protect its nest as it dive bombed (literally) my cat and dog and me. They had very good aim... reminded me of feathered Japenese Kamakase fighters. Keep your head down, brah. Peace

rebekah said...

im assuming a grackle is a bird but what does it look like ?

j said...

this is a much debated question... at least in my mind it is. In South Texas, we refer to those nasty brown and black birds that travel in huge flocks, nest in trees together and poop over everything as grackles. If you've ever been to the Riverwalk (or my old apartment) you know exactly what I mean and why there were no tears as a result of the kamakazi grackle. however, up north and other people besides my immeadiate family refer to a 10-12 inch black bird with similar characteristics, i.e. the flocking, nesting and pooping.
Reconciling the difference may be this piece of information I found: the juvenile grackle has dark brown plummage! This maybe the answer as well as the normal color differences between male and female birds. The males usually being the more attractive specimen.

disgruntled world citizen said...

Tag, you're it