Thursday, June 02, 2005

and can i have the change?

Saturday night taking pizza to this lady, it's a $21.23 bill. when I get there she is outside smoking and runs inside to get her money. she shows back up at the door and hands me a twenty dollar bill, a one dollar bill and a quarter. She then asks "and can I have the change?"

Later that night, around 11:30, I'm taking a $50 order to a house full of drunks. They guy who ordered only has a hundred and drivers aren't allowed to carry more than $20. he looks at me and asks "what should I do?" I reply "well, mr. common sense I think you should go break that 100 and come back and I'll give you the pizzas."

people are funny and I just laugh - because that's how I roll

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GtotheMizzo said...

My sister Anne came into Blockbuster with a few of her friends the other night while I was working. When she left, my African-American co-worker says, "Hey Greg, your sister rolls pretty deep don't she?" Coming from him the comment wasn't strange, but hearing that phrase applied to my super-white family and friends was pricelessly hilarious.