Friday, June 10, 2005

the little people

I have found a common thread for my week and it is little people. By that I don't mean inconsequential or unimportant person, but instead those who are otherwise referred to as dwarfs or midgets. please excuse my un-pc-ness.
started off by getting a $9 tip from a guy named Shorty (who was) and then my TV gets over-run by little people.
And no it was not another Wizard of Oz/Mini Me Marathon.

We recently bought a friend's TV (so that we could upgrade to a bigger screen) and then last weekend, I noticed a thin fuzzy line at the bottom of the picture. No worries, just a line.
Soon the line gets bigger. Next the picture starts to shrink.
Then one day, everybody on my TV has the proportions of a little person.
Watching the game last night was hideous. little Tim versus little Ben. Little Rasheed pumping his fists in the air. Little Manu flailing on the ground. Little Hubie with his little ashen face.
All the while soaking in the irony of our Big Screen Upgrade.

Viva Los Spurs!


Anonymous said...

Hey that awsome! Duncan as a midget. What a fun way to watch a basketball game or any tv for that matter Id sit n' watch n' pretend like Im a giant or somthing :-)

Stacey said...

HEY JASON! WHERE IS ALICIA"S BLOG??? WILL YOU ASK YOUR WIFE TO CALL ME WHEN SHE HAS A MOMENT PLEASE? ACTUALLY, I THINK IT'S MY TURN IN THE PHONE TAG. NEVERMIND. I'll try to call tomorrow. Sorry about all the caps. I get a little carried away sometimes. Rough day at work. You know how it goes. I had one of those "Mr. Common Sense" at my store today. Maybe I'll blog about it. Check it out... peace brotha.