Sunday, March 20, 2005

Yard Sale

There is something very American about a Yard Sale. The average couple putting up hand-made signs at 5 AM. Displaying all of your personal items in your front lawn on card tables and moving blankets and an old door propped up on saw horses. Little stickers with prices scribbled on them attached to vases, stuffed bears, grandma's shoes and purses. Neighbors and not-so-neighbors veering their cars onto your quiet street to pick through, oggle and turn their dirty noses up to items that 30 minutes before you might have been using.
Little kids picking up 25 cent toys that they have fallen in love with. Haggling over a dollar or two. Both sides acting like it would just break you to move 2 more dollars.
Seriously. 2 dollars. You can't buy lunch for 2 dollars. I think if the fate of the world were lying in the balance, 2 dollars might be able to stand in the way. Sharon and Abbas figuring the safety of Israel and the creation of a Palestinian state...nope can't work out. Palestine wants $10,000,002 and Israel will only pay $10 MIL. All High School Economics classes should spend a day observing/putting on garage sales and they will see first hand how the free market and capitalism works. My supply and demand example from our garage sale: A guy wants to buy our cordless phone and a lamp. The offering price is $20. The deal price we have come to is $15. He wants to pay $10. He says "I can get it for $10 in Mexico" I quickly retort "We're not in Mexico." I get $15. He gets a phone and lamp. Supply and Demand.

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disgruntled world citizen said...

give that boy an MBA.