Friday, November 04, 2005


I love my life. It's not perfect and it seems to be mostly an uphill battle. just when you think you have reached a summit, you see a bigger, scarier part of the mountain waiting for you.
still and yet, I love my life.
Some of the most wonderful, genuine and witty people surround me and I can call them friends. Not only that I can call on them for anything and they will be there. My beautiful wife and most precious daughter are absolutely the apple of my eye. I could not have dreamed for a more perfect family.
I live in a place that is the closest thing to heaven on earth. home of armadillos, shiner beer and willie nelson.
Most importantly I have a Creator, Sustainer and Savior that loves me and guides me and doesn't give up on me.
Even when a HUGE case blows up BIG!!! and threatens to ruin Christmas and Thanksgiving and once and for all put us in the poor house... I can still say that I LOVE MY LIFE!

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Matthew Popovits said...

The people in your life love you right back.